Friday, July 27, 2012

two and a half

We have ourselves a 2 1/2 year old.  I had been sort of holding off in saying that, but since last week was his "half birthday" I figure it's about time I accept it.

I can't believe how much growth can happen in a 1/2 year!  

What a delight this little boy brings to us!  Of course we have those typical moments that can occur in the life of a 2 year old but man, the "GREAT" moments quickly out weigh those times that really try your patience. 


You have a love for laughter and everyday, we see an increase in your understanding with humor're down right hilarious!  You have a love for life and it's contagious!

You put on Daddy's socks and came out and, in a deep voice, said, "Hi, I'm Daddy!" 

You absolutely love your sister.  There are times when I see you (although you don't know it) go over to "Kiki" and give her a huge hug and kiss and whisper, "I love you Kiki".  It melts our hearts when we can witness those moments! 

There are times when you forget to be kind to her or don't want to share, but the love for your sister is always present!

You don't particularly love the camera, but every once in awhile you decide to flash it your best "cheese!".

You love toys and have an imagination that won't quit.  You love to make vehicles into characters and love when mommy and daddy play with you and your cars.  We often hear, "Mommy be this one!"  "Mommy be the ferrari" or  "Daddy be Mater", etc. 

The thing that we're enjoying most about your wonderful 2 1/2 years of life is your absolute love and interest in all things with Jesus.  We usually have the local christian radio playing in car (if not a children's CD) and the other day, when TobyMac came on, you declared, "Oh I like this song mommy! It's about Jesus!" 
You love to read your Bible and request favorite stories like, "the desert one" or the "Jesus is alive again one".  In your Devotional Bible there are stories of modern kids and the struggles they might go through and then there is a Bible story relevant to that situation following the story.  Hans' favorites are the stories about the boy who takes a "time out" and the boy who "colors on the wall".  So, we are sure to read those a couple of times a day! ;)

Hans, you're silly, goofy, kind, strong, independent, and loving.  We love you sooooooo... applesauce! (don't ask)    ;) ;) ;)


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  2. And we love how the love for our Lord has been passed down to our children...and then their faithfulness in passing it on to their children. We are so blessed, humbled and thankful! Our prayers continue every day for Hans and Caroline. May you grow to be strong servants of our amazing Savior!!!