Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hans is 4 months old today! I haven't yet taken his "official" 4 month photo's but I still wanted to share a couple of pictures I took this week.

Hans loves to sit in his high chair now. He likes to play with some toys on there but mainly he just loves to gnaw on the table...

Hans can now roll over from tummy to back and from back to tummy. He does it ALL of the time. Here he is after rolling onto his tummy. Such a cutie!

I will be sure to post his 4 month pictures soon, along with his 4 month "update".


  1. He is so cute and has his personality just shines right out of the photos. I LOVE his little tootsies peeking our from the high chair. So adorable, love looking at the photos, keep them coming!

  2. This is Hans in his high chair...
    "If I could only make it to that blue thing!"