Friday, March 2, 2012

Around the House

The past couple of weeks have just been what we've needed. Time at home. Time together.

We had time to get a little creative with our toys. These pop can boxes served as trains and boats. Hans is so creative. I love getting in his little imagination and playing along with him.

Enjoying a snack, bundled up with his new coat on.

Caroline has discovered the love to grab toys and put it in her mouth. She is getting so big already (4 months!)

A trip to the library and bringing home books on tape.
Hans really enjoyed the books on tape! When I sit with him, I help him turn the pages when the "chimes ring". He still needs to be supervised though otherwise I hear from another room, "new page, new page" and come back to find that he is on page 14 while the reader on tape is only on page 5. ;)

Good times at home! My heart is refueled and refreshed!