Monday, May 9, 2011


Just came on here for a quick "hello". Speaking of "hello", that is one of Hans' favorite words right now. He loves to answer you back when Tom or I greet him with a cheery "hello". It's so adorable!

Hans is now 15 months (almost 16!) and just as fun as can be. We have been outside enjoying our much anticipated spring weather almost everyday. He is loving it. I think he could literally be outside all. day. long. and be in heaven the whole time. He is noticing all of the sounds around him and will often stop everything he is doing to look up into the sky and spot the occasional airplane or bird that is chirping nearby.

When the weather has been warm, we've made a couple of stops to visit Daddy at work. This is quickly proving to be a highlight for Hans as he is so happy every time we're there and loves to grab different golf clubs and golf balls all over the store. We take him out putting and he actually does a great job out there. Last time, we took him to the driving range and Tom hit a few balls with him. Every time, Hans had a HUGE smile on his face. He was loving every minute with his Daddy at the course. Unfortunately, the few times we've brought Hans out to play golf, I've forgotten my camera!! I'm so sorry for this because it is definitely a moment we want to capture, but there will be plenty more visits to the course this season.

Every time we go, Hans wears a little golf cap just like Daddy. I say, "Hans, you want to wear your hat just like Daddy does?" and I put it on his head and he walks around patting his hat saying "Dada! Dada!"

Some snapshots of our time outside this past week.


At the park, giving our friend "Rhino" some kisses.

Right back at 'chya



Riding around with cousin, Molly

One of his favorite parts of the day, waiting for Daddy to come home!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. We were able to celebrate my mother-in-law on Saturday with a family bbq and Sunday was filled with lots of quality family time- just what I wanted! Hans has a cold so we weren't able to bring him to the nursery at church. We decided to bundle him up and take him on family walk that morning. I'm so glad we did too because the sun was out and it was a gorgeous morning for a walk...and an hour after we came back home, it turned cloudy and rainy! He also got in a good morning snooze too (something he never does anymore without the aide of a cold) .

Mother's Day family stroll

So, there you have it....a quick hello and Happy Monday!