Thursday, July 26, 2012

Molly::: (almost) 3 Years

Molly is my beautiful niece.  We are so fortunate to have five nieces that are not only adorable on the outside, but extremely sweet and kind on the inside too.  (we also have two nephews that fit that description to a "T").  My sister is a flight attendant and visits often from her home in Ohio.  I love this perk of hers because we not only get to see her and my brother in law every so often, but their precious kids as well!

My sister and I decided to take Molly out on a special morning with "just us big girls".  We went to Northwestern College where my sister went to school and snapped some photo's of Molly to capture her last moments as a 2 year old before they usher in her 3rd birthday!  I cannot believe it's been 3 years!!

Molly gave us about 5 seconds of smiles to work with and then she was ready for her promised "treat".  Despite her lack of enthusiasm and my amateur photography skills, one thing is for sure....this girl is photogenic!
Here are a few of my favorites,

It was a fun afternoon with you Molly (and Kim)!  

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  1. Hi Katie! I'm just poking around on your blog - it's been a while since I've even peeked at the blogging world! Really fun to see all of your projects, etc. Just curious, because I'm hunting again... what kind of camera do you have and are you happy w it? Great pics of Molly - what a beauty she is! Love you and have a good week!