Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I did it!

Last night, we whipped up this shirt for Hans from an old t-shirt of Tom's that was in a rag pile. We used this tutorial from the blog I mentioned a few days ago, MADE.


Even though it was my first time making a clothing item (I made a little jewelry bag a few weeks ago to re-fresh my sewing skills) post high school home ec, I'm super happy with how it turned out. The tutorial is referred to the "90 minute shirt" but it took a little longer with that. =-)


I'm completely inspired to make more cute things for my lil guy!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sew what?

Tom bought a serger for me for Christmas and we were kicking around the idea of keeping it even though we don't have a sewing machine. A lot of items that I like in etsy and around in various stores are often made by just using a serger. However, I barely remembered what I knew about sewing from high school home ec! So, we decided to return the Serger and by a sewing machine instead. By the way, for those of you looking to buy a serger for a good price (they are usually quite spendy), Tom bought ours on black friday for a really good price. Once I get the hang of sewing, we figured we could always purchase a Serger sometime around black friday and hope to get a steal like last time. Also, Tom's mom has a serger and has said we could always swing by if we had a project in mind!

I'm talking about Sewing right now because for the whole month of February, this blog is doing a celebration on making things for BOYS! How awesome is that? There are always soooo many adorable girly things to make and very little patterns or ideas for boy things. I was just browsing her site right now as Hans is fast asleep and I couldn't help but wish he was awake right now so we could jump in the car and head to Jo Anne's. My 40% off coupon is burning a whole in my pocket right about now!!! =-)

I'm seeeewwww making these for Hans this summer

(ok, i'm already getting sick of the play on words "sew" and "so". I'll stop now)

I also love these etsy finds that she posted....

I actually bought a little jacket like that for Hans from a thrift store awhile back... I was going to swtich out the current buttons for some chunkier ones like in this picture. Hoping it will fit for Easter...or a fun summer wedding. The jacket I found is made from cotton but navy blue but should still work for spring/summer. I also think it could be cute with the sleeves rolled up and a collared button up on underneath.

Here is the link for the middle picture. I would also love to do some screen printing on some summer play shirts for Hans. The tutorials are all very thorough and make the project seem do able if you can find all of the materials! Might be nice to make when the weather warms up!

I love love the cap on the right as well. That is something I'm wanting to make Hans. It's very similar to a hat he has now (passed down from his cousin, Ryan..from Hanna Andersson). It is my favorite on him and I'm sad for the day that it will no longer fit him. I think this cap will be a good substitute!

So for all of you mom's out there with boys...go check out this blog, MADE !

Even if you don't sew, they have really cute ideas for other things to make, and she will post many etsy finds on there as well.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Florida Part 2

I forgot to mention how our first flying trip with Hans went! I took this picture on our way down to FL where we had an open seat in the middle of our row! It worked out perfectly for us. Hans was technically a lap child, but we were fortunate that our flight wasn't full and could keep our middle seat open. I had brought along some new small toys and books that Hans hasn't read or played with yet and was going to bring them out if he ever seemed restless or bored. We also had our lap top with his favorite Baby Einstein movie and a new blue's clue's movie I downloaded. He ended up being so fascinated by everything that we didn't have to bring out any books or toys and ended up falling asleep as the plane took off in Chicago! It was a great experience but on the way back we didn't have such luck with open seats! All of the flights were full so we quickly grabbed the bulk head seats (thanks for the tip, kim!) and when we were up in the air, we put hans down so he could play around and make a little fort =-) . Again, he fell asleep as the plane was taking off so that helped a lot too!

On to the rest of the vacation. The day after Tom's conference ended, we jumped in our cars and drove to Clearwater beach, just west of Tampa so we could take a peak at the gulf coast and enjoy the sand and sun!

Hans was really funny when it came to the sand...While we were walking on the beach, I was holding him, and he was clutching on to me for dear life. He was staring down at the sand and when we finally got to a place where we wanted to set up our towels, Hans started making this whining voice and clamoring to come back into my arms! This is very unlike Hans as he is usually a "go get 'um" type of boy that we can hardly keep in our arms! When we set up the towel, he was perfectly content to sit on it with his toys and not move anywhere. He started to eye a seagull...and this particular seagull intrigued him, so he began to stand up and reach out for the seagull....Welllll, one step on the sand had him begin his whining voice again and he was completely frozen and wouldn't move back onto the towel! It was quite comical! Mommy rescued hans and brought him back to the towel, safe and sound! phew!
Playing with Daddy on the beach....ahhhh, I love this picture!! Those boys are so cute...I love them both so much!!!!
By the end of the day, Hans was brave enough to walk in the sand...and I think he even enjoyed himself!
(I absolutely love how Hans crosses his feet like in this last picture...He does it all of the time and it's so adorable. Just like an adult, he knows what's comfortable!)
After the beach, we walked around the town a little bit and stopped into a few shops along the way. It was a relaxing and beautiful day!

During our trip, we kept our eyes open for an Orange Grove or something of the sort. I remember going with my parents to FL and I have this memory of stopping at an Orange Grove, picking our oranges, and drinking the juice with one of those special orange straws. Well, we saw a sign for Parkesdale Farms and thought we'd check it out.
It was kind of hard to read some of the signs.
And when we finally found it, the line was super long! The line was filled with locals in the area and other people that visited the farm during a vacation long ago and decided to make the trip back because it was THAT good!

What's on the menu, you ask? Strawberries, strawberries, and STRAWBERRIES. For real, that's it! The line moved quickly and with the options being a strawberry shake and strawberry shortcake, we had our food in a jiffy!
This is where we ate our treats...super cute and super clean. We met a group of really neat local christian kids there. We took their group picture and they were telling us how lucky we were that we stopped by Parkesdale because it really is the best food around. We agreed! Yum!
The strawberry shake won an award on the Food Network and it did not disappoint!
There was a market there too so before we left, we picked up a bag of oranges and grapefruit.
Check out those prices! Almost makes me wish we lived in FL or CA...almost... ;-)

As I mentioned earlier, our trip was extended by a few more days due to weather. After we got back to Orlando, we received the call (actually a text) from the airline telling us about the cancelation. There was absolutely nothing we could do to change the weather, so we decided to make the best of our extended vacation and packed up our bags and headed to the gulf coast. We enjoyed our day in Clearwater so much so that we knew we would appreciate a couple more nights in that area.

We went a little further south and stayed in a cute little Bed and Breakfast in St. Petersburg. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so after checking into the B&B and asking the owner for neat places to see, we decided on going to Fort Desoto. Fort Desoto was voted the Best Beach in America in 2005 and since then has almost always been voted one of the top ten best beaches. You can see an aerial view of the beach here I'm not exactly sure what the "hands across the beach" thing is on the video, but you get the idea of what the beach is like!

It was a really windy day, but we were able to find a little area hidden behind the sand dunes...it was down right hot behind there and we loved it! Check out the next two pictures in sequence....
See? Windy. What you don't see (but we have documented) is me running after his hat down the beach. I got it and didn't put it back on until we were safely hidden behind our sand dune protection.
Hans wasn't afraid of the sand this time. I guess he just had to get used to it. He's my little January baby, but he loves the sand now!
All of the beach playing made Hans tired!

We had to. The sand was so perfect and silky-like...I had never actually buried someone in the sand...and it was fun! When he got up, the sand just fell off of him.

Say goodbye to Fort De Soto!

We drove back to St. Petersburg where we ordered an extremely overpriced pizza to-go, put the babe to bed, and watched a movie in the attached porch to our room. Wonderful!
The next day, we took a trolley tour of the town of St. Petersburg. It was a really cool trolley ride with the drive giving you the history of certain buildings, trees, and statues along the way. The whole loop costs a quarter each! It's like stepping back in time...way back!
Waiting for the trolley to pick us up.
And I copped an attitude. hee hee, just kidding! But I bet I had some of my family fooled (who like to throw around the word "persnickety" pretty loosely with me!) We were just creatively passing the time away ;-)
We took the trolley to the pier where we visited the aquarium. Tom got some cool shots of the pelicans on the pier too. This pelican (that's tagged red) was a pelican that was rescued from the gulf oil spill and then released in St. Petersburg.
The aquarium was inside at the end of the pier.
While we were there, Tom and Hans got to feed some leopard sharks in their tank!
We also got to touch some sea urchins and star fish. We had a lot of fun looking at and learning about all of the sea creatures.

All in all, we really really enjoyed our time in St. Petersburg and are so thankful we had the extra few days to experience that cute little town!

Our flight back home left in the morning, so we spent our last night in Orlando, close to the airport. After checking into our hotel, we returned our car at the airport and ended up spending most of the afternoon there as there were a lot of restaurants and shops outside of security. By the end of the day, Hans became good friends with Mickey there. We would say "Hans, where is Mickey?" and he would do his little speed walk over to Mickey Mouse on the wall.
On our next trip to FL, Hans will be old enough where we'll probably make it a priority to go to Disney World. It really is a magical place (not just for children!) but we wanted to make sure he would at least have some recollection of his time there!

So that's our trip to FL in a nut shell! I know it may be hard for some of you to believe but that was probably an 1/8 of the pictures we took from our trip so I did try to narrow it down a bit for the blog!

And thanks to my hubby who is upstairs getting dinner ready! He said, go downstairs, relax, and get caught up on your blog!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Florida Part 1

A few days after his birthday party, we packed up our suitcases and headed to Florida for a week of vacation! We saw the Atlantic coast, played some golf, stayed in Orlando for a conference (and pool time for mom and Hans), and headed to the gulf coast for a couple of days.

We arrived in FL a couple of days before the conference so we could drive up to Ponte Vedra Beach because Tom was fortunate enough to play golf at TPC Sawgrass. His good friend from college, Matt, is the head golf professional at the TPC and got him a tee time on the Stadium course.
The clubhouse at Sawgrass is huge and gorgeous. It was built fairly recently and built specifically for The Players Championship Tournament that is held there every year.
After Tom's round of golf, a volunteer took us all out on the course so we could take some pictures and so that I could look at one of the worlds most famous holes. Above, we are standing near the 18th hole with the clubhouse in the background. Below, is a picture of the famous 17th hole (which Tom got a par on, by the way!).
The grass will be green during The Players, however it's bermuda grass and is dormant in the winter...so we didn't see it at it's peak of prettiness but it was still awesome!

Later that night, Matt took us to dinner at the club house and then, later, gave us a private tour of the place! It was so incredible to look around where the Greats of golf practice, play, and hang out. It was also neat to hear all of the background stories Matt told us about the different rooms and players. One part of the club house is open to the public and then over half of the clubhouse is reserved for current PGA players...locker rooms, restaurant, bar, lounges, etc.
This picture is of a private room that tournament pro's can hang out in with tv, pool tables, etc. They can bring family members in if they would like, but only if they are male...I felt pretty special =-) hehe!

There is a huge locker room that only the players can go into and then there is another, much smaller, locker room that only past Champions (of this tournament) can enter. All of the past champions have their names engraved on a locker. Tom and Hans are standing next to Tiger Woods' locker.
Right outside of the locker rooms, sits a barber chair. The legend surrounding this barber chair is that when players had a bad round of golf, they would sit in the chair and get grilled by other players about their (bad) playing. Looks like Hans didn't mind the grilling =-)
We ended the clubhouse tour by going underground to get a look at the tunnel the players use to head to the practice facility. The tunnel allows the players to practice and warm up relatively undisturbed. This is also where they will meet up with their caddy, before heading outside. As you can see, when building this new club house, they truly had The Players tournament in mind!

And...while daddy was playing golf....Hans and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Chick-fil-a and played at the playground! The two things I looked forward to most about the nice weather was taking Hans on walks and finding a swing set! He had fun...but in the picture he looks a little tired!

After that, we made our trek back to Orlando for the PGA merchandise show. We weren't really in a hurry so we drove along the coast and stopped along the way for pictures. It was a little bit windy that day so you'll notice Hans was wearing his coat. The sun was out and warm, but it was slightly chilly.

Tom was busy the next couple of days at the show, so Hans and I spent the days exploring what Orlando had to offer and mostly spent time hanging out around the hotel.
We played chess,
We went swinging,
and we went on walks then rested by the pool.
When Dad came back on his last day, we got to go swimming! It was warm out and Hans loved the water.
Hans even went under water for the first time!
After swimming, we got Hans all dried off and into cozy pj's and played miniature golf at the hotel. Hans actually shows some interest in golf..we know that he loves golf balls and golf clubs! And, he cries if someone tries to take either away from him!!
We went out to eat that night in downtown disney at the rainforest cafe. We also have one here in MN, but Hans has never been to it and he loved looking at the fish and all of the "animals". He was a little confused when the thunderstorm turned on, but was content looking around, trying to figure everything out.
I love the little flippy curls in his hair!
Just about the only picture of the two of us during this trip!
An attempt at a family portrait. Hans was not having it, so Tom and I gave in!

Our 7 day vacation turned in an 11 day vacation due to the snow storm in the midwest. It was wonderful to have a a few extra days to spend in FL together! On the other hand, our clean clothing stash was running out (even though we did a load of laundry while we were down there), we weren't being compensated or given any vouchers from the airline b/c it was weather related, and we were looking forward to our own bed (and crib) at home!

I'll share the rest of our trip in a separate post sometime tomorrow of our time spent on the gulf with trips to the beach!