Sunday, November 21, 2010

facial expression

While I know this is a horrible picture of me, I just had to share it because I think it's funny that Hans and I are making the same expression with our mouths.
Hans continues to look like a complete combination of Tom and I. Sometimes, when Tom is holding him, they look identical and then recently I've noticed a lot of expressions that Hans makes remind me of me when I was little.
Regardless of who he looks like, we can't help but fall more and more in love with this little guy. Can you believe he is already 10 months old?!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Right Now

I still haven't uploaded the Halloween pictures but wanted to put up a recent picture of Hans because I just feel like he has grown by leaps and bounds since our Superior trip.
He just seems like such a 'big boy'.

About a month ago, I definitely thought I heard him say "Hi" as he was waving to himself in the mirror and then just a few days ago we were at my parents house and he was waving to me and my mom and we BOTH heard him say "Hi".

Last week, he was playing with some toys on his play table and hitting them and "babbling" the whole time and then clearly I heard him say "uh oh". I don't know if it was a fluke or not because he hasn't said it since, but it was so crystal clear. "Uh Oh" is something Tom and I say to him all of the time so it's plausible he'd pick up on it this early.

He stood for 8 seconds without holding on to anything the other day.

Last week, he also had his first whole meal of all finger foods.

And right now, his favorite things to do are to take out all of the books on the bookshelf and all of the movies in our DVD baskets and just throw them all over the floor. He also loves to play peek a boo and holds towels, blankets, coats, and hats over his face to play peek a boo with us. I never thought this game could be so fun but I actually love playing it with him too!!!

Hans at 9 1/2 months old.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Earlier in October we took off for a few days and headed up north to Superior's South Shore. We spent a couple of days up there, soaking in the serenity, and then headed back home with a quick stop to see Grahamcracker.
This was a much needed break for us. Tom's schedule in the summer is beyond busy so we have been looking forward to this fall when we were able to get about 3 days off to spend time together as a family.
Apparently, the South Shore happened to pretty much close down shop for the season the weekend before our trip, but we enjoyed the peacefulness and had fun feeling like we were all alone up there. Our cell phones didn't work and there was no land line so it was an unheard of vacation away from technology. And so funny because the "mom" in me was slightly worried that something would happen to the baby and we'd be without communication with anyone and have no idea where a hospital was....I don't know how we survived before cell phones, right? =-)
Tom's good childhood friend generously let us stay at their cabin on superior....what a beautiful place it was!! So much wild life and so much natural beauty. Outside their cabin, there is a trail that leads to a boardwalk, that leads to Lake Superior...
Just sit, relax, and take it all in...
Unfortunately, we forgot our baby backpack or baby bjorn, so we ended up having to carry a 20lb baby everywhere on our walks....This made a 2 mile hike feel more like 6 miles.
As I said earlier, everything seemed to be shut down so we couldn't get any smoked salmon that Tom had wanted, and we didn't get a chance to look around the local stores around the harbor...

Playing inside at the cabin...
Watching some movies....we popped in Land Before Time....throw back!

Tom and I played some cards and Hans enjoyed playing with the box!

We went to Bayfield for the day...what a beautiful town. We were able to shop around a bit and found a cute Scandinavian shop., I mean HANS, really really wanted this Dala Horse, but we just took a picture instead. I'm thinking I might get it for a Christmas gift but don't tell Hans!!!

In one of our local magazines, I read that Maggie's is a hidden gem in Bayfield so we headed there for lunch. It is a sort of funky place adorned with pink flamingo's all over inside. It's a hit with the locals so even though tourist season is over, the place was still busy!

After we left the South Shore, we headed to Grahamcracker's house!
Like father like son....we get to Grahamcracker's house and what do Tom and Hans do? Head outside to the woods of course!
Tom enjoyed taking Hans on his first four wheeler trip! Next time, he'll have to take Hans out on the tractor!
Tom and Uncle Bruce
Hans found new toys..
...and new friends!
He loved his great uncle Bruce...
and he loves his Grahamcracker!
Whew, what a vacation!!!