Monday, July 30, 2012

Not-so-perfect but perfect

It's the only way I can describe this picture.  It's one of my favorites right now.

Daddy was working late, my little's just finished splashing together in the bath and both were jammied for bed.  I rarely (if ever?) have gotten a picture where my two kids are sitting close together, looking, and smiling!  Although it's not the worlds most perfect picture, it's one of mine.  I can just look at this picture and smell my kids.  I can smell that fresh-from-the-bath-and-in-my-jammies smell.  I wish they could bottle up that smell so I can gift it to myself 20 years from now.  I can hear their giggles and squeals and I can feel their cuddles.

I love that you can relive a memory from a photo and I love the memory from this picture!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

two and a half

We have ourselves a 2 1/2 year old.  I had been sort of holding off in saying that, but since last week was his "half birthday" I figure it's about time I accept it.

I can't believe how much growth can happen in a 1/2 year!  

What a delight this little boy brings to us!  Of course we have those typical moments that can occur in the life of a 2 year old but man, the "GREAT" moments quickly out weigh those times that really try your patience. 


You have a love for laughter and everyday, we see an increase in your understanding with humor're down right hilarious!  You have a love for life and it's contagious!

You put on Daddy's socks and came out and, in a deep voice, said, "Hi, I'm Daddy!" 

You absolutely love your sister.  There are times when I see you (although you don't know it) go over to "Kiki" and give her a huge hug and kiss and whisper, "I love you Kiki".  It melts our hearts when we can witness those moments! 

There are times when you forget to be kind to her or don't want to share, but the love for your sister is always present!

You don't particularly love the camera, but every once in awhile you decide to flash it your best "cheese!".

You love toys and have an imagination that won't quit.  You love to make vehicles into characters and love when mommy and daddy play with you and your cars.  We often hear, "Mommy be this one!"  "Mommy be the ferrari" or  "Daddy be Mater", etc. 

The thing that we're enjoying most about your wonderful 2 1/2 years of life is your absolute love and interest in all things with Jesus.  We usually have the local christian radio playing in car (if not a children's CD) and the other day, when TobyMac came on, you declared, "Oh I like this song mommy! It's about Jesus!" 
You love to read your Bible and request favorite stories like, "the desert one" or the "Jesus is alive again one".  In your Devotional Bible there are stories of modern kids and the struggles they might go through and then there is a Bible story relevant to that situation following the story.  Hans' favorites are the stories about the boy who takes a "time out" and the boy who "colors on the wall".  So, we are sure to read those a couple of times a day! ;)

Hans, you're silly, goofy, kind, strong, independent, and loving.  We love you sooooooo... applesauce! (don't ask)    ;) ;) ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Molly::: (almost) 3 Years

Molly is my beautiful niece.  We are so fortunate to have five nieces that are not only adorable on the outside, but extremely sweet and kind on the inside too.  (we also have two nephews that fit that description to a "T").  My sister is a flight attendant and visits often from her home in Ohio.  I love this perk of hers because we not only get to see her and my brother in law every so often, but their precious kids as well!

My sister and I decided to take Molly out on a special morning with "just us big girls".  We went to Northwestern College where my sister went to school and snapped some photo's of Molly to capture her last moments as a 2 year old before they usher in her 3rd birthday!  I cannot believe it's been 3 years!!

Molly gave us about 5 seconds of smiles to work with and then she was ready for her promised "treat".  Despite her lack of enthusiasm and my amateur photography skills, one thing is for sure....this girl is photogenic!
Here are a few of my favorites,

It was a fun afternoon with you Molly (and Kim)!  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"How To"

How to teach your child to walk early:

Take your child to the pool.  The cloudier and colder the weather, the better.  And, if there is a thunderstorm rolling in...bonus!

Next, place your baby in a pool of cold water.

Note: Caroline isn't walking...yet.  But, she most definitely wanted to yesterday!

Another note: forecasters aren't always correct.  Hot and sunny day? Nope!  We had to leave the pool after 20 minutes due to thunder/lightning and rain!  Boo.  Caroline didn't seem to mind the early escape though!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We had a visitor...

We had a visitor today!  Well, actually, a couple of visitors you could say...

It was a rainy day today and we called off plans to get outside and decided to stay close to home.  With all of the hot and muggy days we've had lately, we've also had our fair share of mornings spent at home, inside.  With that said, I felt like I had to switch things up a bit.  

So, my old Cricket doll came to say hello!  Hans was very welcoming...and Caroline was her own way.

We learned early on that Caroline's love language is "hair pulling" (or pinching, or scratching...).  Poor little Cricket got a lot of love from Caroline.  She decided she better go back into her storage box home and come out to play when Caroline is a little older.

After Cricket left and after an afternoon nap, I decided to bring out my very first baby doll from when I was a baby.

She was quick to give it a lot of kisses and A LOT of big smiles.  I think she may just be a "doll" girl like her mama.  

Why does my old baby doll look like it's my grandmother's old baby doll?? Sheesh, talk about feeling old!

 Oh, and before we leave, Caroline wants to show you her new top two teeth!
She is growing so fast!!