Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We had a visitor...

We had a visitor today!  Well, actually, a couple of visitors you could say...

It was a rainy day today and we called off plans to get outside and decided to stay close to home.  With all of the hot and muggy days we've had lately, we've also had our fair share of mornings spent at home, inside.  With that said, I felt like I had to switch things up a bit.  

So, my old Cricket doll came to say hello!  Hans was very welcoming...and Caroline was her own way.

We learned early on that Caroline's love language is "hair pulling" (or pinching, or scratching...).  Poor little Cricket got a lot of love from Caroline.  She decided she better go back into her storage box home and come out to play when Caroline is a little older.

After Cricket left and after an afternoon nap, I decided to bring out my very first baby doll from when I was a baby.

She was quick to give it a lot of kisses and A LOT of big smiles.  I think she may just be a "doll" girl like her mama.  

Why does my old baby doll look like it's my grandmother's old baby doll?? Sheesh, talk about feeling old!

 Oh, and before we leave, Caroline wants to show you her new top two teeth!
She is growing so fast!!

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  1. I forgot about that doll! It doesn't look old...Old is Emily's baby!!!!!!!!!