Monday, June 13, 2011

It's a ....

We had the big 20 week ultrasound today and decided to invite the family over that evening for a gender reveal! Tom and I found out during the ultrasound and kept it a secret (which was super hard to do, even for a few hours!) until we had our family over. We found this really cute idea on how to "reveal" your babies gender from our friends here.

We made cupcakes

And inside of the cupcakes we filled it with colored frosting (pink for a girl, blue for a boy...not telling yet, wait for it....)



Hans was so excited for everyone to get there (see? it was even hard for Hans to keep the secret!). He ran and got daddy's shoes and was putting them on by the door.

Everyone chose a plate and a cupcake and we went into the living room to bite into it together...

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

Hans is already learning how to blame things on his little sister...tsk tsk. Hans, we totally saw you eat the cupcake, silly!

We missed a lot of family members that really wanted to be there but we were thinking of them the whole time! =-)
We are so so happy and excited to welcome a precious little girl into our family!
Welcome! Welcome!
The due date is Oct. 31st 2011!


  1. it was such a fun time and a great idea! Way to keep the secret all day Katie! I'm proud of you!!!
    Anxious to welcome the 6th granddaughter to our family.

  2. Awesome!! Welcome little miss baby!

  3. So cute Katie!!!! Let's go for a walk soon!

  4. Katie, that is SUPER cute!!! I love everything- even the choosing your plate to vote idea. You're so creative! Congratulations! Little girls are SO fun! Can't wait to meet her.
    -Katie Howard

  5. A GIRL!!!! So exciting!!!! Our little girls are SO gonna have crushes on each other's brothers :) Beautiful job on the cupcakes! Congratulations!!!