Tuesday, January 11, 2011

almost there...

Yep, it's January. That means that my precious little guy is almost ONE year old! As all mothers say, I truly can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Tom and I have been looking back at photo's from Day 1 of little man's life and he was just so darn cute and tiny! He's gotten even cuter as the year has gone by, but not so tiny any more!

Forgive me for not updating the blog as often as I'd like to...we've been busy over here working on some projects and often preparing for the big O-N-E birthday party! We're doing a golf theme and we're able to have it at Tom's golf course. We're keeping the budget low and, so far, have been super excited at what we've been able to make with things at home and at the golf course. This week, I'm going to attempt to make a (practice) cake that is a ball shape. If it all turns out well, I'll be making Hans' birthday cake as the shape of a golf ball. If it turns out to be a disaster I can always use the little cake that comes with the sheet cake we're purchasing for everyone else!

Here are some golf flags I made that will be a part of the centerpieces. This was a really simple project made with three colors of felt that I cut into pendants, shapes, and number 1's, and hot glued them onto dowels.

Hans' first birthday invitation.

I love how he has his tongue out in the picture. He was in such a goofy mood this day and I think the photo captures that!

I had actually been waiting for invitations that I ordered online (from a company I wouldn't recommend) but the order was taking so long to go through and they weren't willing to do what I requested so we decided to go in a different direction and make our own (in 45 minutes!). We've decided that we'll probably make our own invitations in the future. Tom and I worked on them together and had a lot of fun and (with Tom's help on the computer), it was pretty simple!