Wednesday, October 26, 2011


For those of you that have noticed, I have had a lack in posts lately. We're going through some changes over here. Things like moving and having baby number 2 have gotten our priorities all out of whack. ;) I'll be posting pictures soon, most likely after our precious little girl arrives. She is due this weekend and we're eagerly anticipating her arrival! We have been reading "Big Brother" books to Hans and have been smothering him with snuggles and kisses.


We'll be back and posting soon!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It's funny that Hans has picked up on the fake "cheese" smile. I really don't think we've said it to him that often, but alas, whenever he sees the camera pointed his way, a "cheese" smile quickly follows.

I remember my mom having me sit down before picture day (the days we actually remembered it was picture day...)and practice my smile. She didn't want me to give my uber big and uber fake smile, so we would practice a small, simple, non-scrunchy-face, smile.

Now, I can understand why. Although, these pictures really crack us up, the "Cheese" smile isn't the real "Hans" Smile.

Check out the progression...


What a cheese ball, huh?! I love it!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The difference a year makes...

We went to the apple orchard this weekend and took a picture of Hans behind the cardboard tractor "photo op" they have there. When I uploaded the picture, I immediately pulled up the same picture from last year and couldn't believe the comparison. I'm sure you've heard every parent say this at some point or another, but it truly is amazing how fast children grow. And, it was just a year ago...
Apple orchard, 2010 (hans, 8 months)
Apple orchard, 2011 (hans, 20 months)

Our church is starting a MOPS group this year and I have had so much fun being involved in the developing of our group. In September, Hans and I headed over to church for our first steering team meeting. It was the same time last year that Hans and I went to our first ever MOPS meeting. Of course, pictures were taken both mornings. Another comparison shot...

1st day of MOPS, 2010 (hans 7 months)
1st day of MOPS, 2011 (hans 19 months)

{*please note, the growth of Hans in the last two pictures, not the growth of me ; -) }