Friday, October 29, 2010


We've got a fun filled weekend planned with pumpkins, friends, family, and costumes! We had fun playing with Hans in the backyard during the warmer weather we had last week. Now, the temps have fallen and it's actually feeling like the fall season that it is! Look for more of our weekend pics coming soon.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another trip to Pumpkin land

We took another trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin farm, only this time we went to an all time favorite. I think it was my brother and sister-in-law that discovered this place first, but after it had been discovered it was quickly a favorite and host to birthday parties and family trips.

It was a fabulous day (as most of our fall days have turned out to be this year) so we decided to head to the golf course, meet with tom, and cruise on over to the farm for a great afternoon together. It really was an absolute blast. We went on Monday afternoon so there were maybe 4-5 other families there- it felt like we had the place to ourselves! We saw animals, fed animals, went on a wagon ride and picked our own ears of pop corn (we just need to let it dry and then around Christmas time we will be able to take off the kernels, put them in an air popper and we've got pop corn, folks!) and gourds!

Sometime soon I will post pictures of our trip to the South Shore that we took about a week ago, but for some reason Flickr is not allowing me to upload anymore pics....I'll get it figured out!

Hans just LOVED all of the animals there. He laughed every time we saw one. Here we are checking out the friendly cat...
We think it's funny!
Having fun in the corn kernel pits...
Picking our pumpkins...
Our view from the wagon ride...
Hanging out with mommy by the barn...
Family Tractor Ride!


Here are a couple of videos we took of Hans yesterday. He is absolutely in love with the dishwasher and it usually makes cleaning the kitchen slightly difficult because as soon as that dishwasher door is down, little dude is crawling straight for, really, you can't get much done with him crawling all over in it. But, with Tom and I both home, we allowed him to "help" unload the dishwasher and were able to get a couple cute videos of it as well!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Fall

I just wanted to share a few recent pictures of our trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch with some friends. The day was perfect for it! It was beautiful, sunny, and just the right temperature to enjoy the day outside but still savor the hot apple treats and soup that were available.



Mommy and Hans having some good conversation...and snuggles.

Playing with daddy

Hans and his buddy playing in the pumpkins.

Little stinker...

Hans, striking a pose.


Bye pumpkins and apples! See you again next year! Hans decided to drive the tractor home. =-) Looks like he needs to get a REAL tractor ride in at his grahamcracker's house soon!

Before we go, Hans wanted to let you all know that he did NOT like the outcome of last nights game against the Yankees. We're still hopeful though!!