Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Fathers Day

This Sunday we woke up in the morning, packed our day bags and drove up to Taylors Falls. We were really looking forward to our day together. Tom had the day off, the weather was nice, and we were all in a great mood. We brought my brother and sis in law's hiking backpack for Hans to sit in while hiking the cliffs, however we decided to stop at a new place, Fawn-Doe-Rosa. I say new place not because it's actually a new place, but for all of the times and years Tom and I have done day trips in Taylors Falls, we had yet to experience this petting zoo. We pulled in not knowing what to expect. Apparently I have been here when I was young, but I don't have any memory of it and I only knew they had deer and ponies. We pulled out our wagon and walked inside to pay our entrance fee. As soon as we walked out into the park, a friendly buck came to greet us.


Tom and I looked at each other and Tom said what I was thinking "This is worth it!"

The deer were walking around everywhere. Sometimes we fed them behind fences while other times they would just walk up to us in the field or the walking path.
Hans was pretty confident around the deer. He would run up to them in the field and chase them if they ran away from him.

Farmer Hans

We showed Hans how to keep his hand flat when feeding the animals.
Hans feeding the goats.

Hans took to the deer right away and wanted to spend most of his visit there feeding them. It was so adorable to watch him. (notice the flat hand)

He took charge of the bag of animal food

And sometimes the deer actually got some food from his hand before it fell to the ground!
His little squeals of delight after feeding the animals were hilarious!
We took another family picture without his paci and guess what happened?
Plop...animal food goes in the mouth! Tom and I caught Hans doing this a couple of other times but he would immediately spit it out. The funny thing about this picture is that neither Tom or I knew had happened until we looked back through our photos! Poor kid, you can't blame him- it was nearing lunch time!

There was a beautiful deer laying by the pond so we walked over there to get some pictures of Hans feeding him by the water.
Shortly after the picture, the deer ran off due to Mommy (that's me) running in to save Hans from taking a leap into the pond. That fearless boy!
We did manage to get someone else to take another family picture! Don't mind that we're out of focus. We're just happy to get a pic of us together!

They had so many animals there! All kinds of farm animals, ponies, deer, geese, llamas, and wild animals from the area (bobcat, lynx, wolves, grizzly bear, foxes, raccoons, rabbits, and name the ones I remember)
We weren't the only ones out there enjoying father's day...
This goat was king of the mountain while we were there. It looks like his little kids are running under him while he basks in his glory of fatherhood. =-)
It was cool to see all of the animals. They were pretty noisy and I feel like Hans has an even better grasp at what noise each animal makes now.
The geese were honking like crazy and Hans was mimicing their honks each time.
The animals also loved Hans..
The Lynx (kind of hard to see) is in the cage to the right and every time Hans ran back and forth the lynx would run from side to side on his cage following him. The weird part is that there were other people and kids around so it's interesting the lynx singled out Hans....hmm...maybe I'll keep him inside a little more while visiting my grandma's farm....
Hans loved to run around that place and visit all of the animals. Can you tell he was more than thrilled when I picked him up for a picture?
Before heading out for some much anticipated lunch, we said goodbye to the bunnies. The deer just didn't want to leave Hans either it looks like...notice the deer nose...
And the poor bunny was such a good sport. Hans was overall pretty gentle but he did like to go for the face quite a bit..

We had such a great time at the Fawn-Doe-Rosa and completely recommend it to everyone. We didn't even get a chance to go hiking and use the backpack I mentioned earlier. We were ready for lunch and ready to head home. I guess we'll have to go back up sometime soon to fit in a family hike!

And finally, we took Daddy out to lunch at one of our favorite places..The Drive In. We were pretty hungry so not as many pictures here. Just imagine a delicious meal of cheeseburgers and corn dogs, preceded by cheese curds, yum!!
Daddy and his boy on Father's Day. What a fantastic day spent together. Tom, you truly are a wonderful daddy. Caring, loving, smart, strong, and kind. The recipe for a great Godly husband and father. We love you and are so thankful for you!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend- Father's Day!

We are so excited for the weekend and the opportunity Hans and I have to celebrate Tom! He is an awesome man and I'm just so thankful for who is he in this family! He works so hard but thankfully was able to pull off a day this weekend for us to hang out together and love Tom to bunches.


We are also reflecting back this weekend on our own fathers and grandfathers and the legacy they have left for our family!
Happy Father's Day!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost 17 months

Hans is almost 17 months and we feel like everyday he is in a growth spurt...both physically and cognitively. He's repeating more words and likes to have conversations with us. He also loves music, singing, and dancing. He is still working on his golf skills almost on a daily basis and his favorite part of the day is still waiting by the door watching daddy's car drive up. Speaking of cars, he loves them. And trucks, and tractors. They're his new found interest and it's very cute seeing what he notices around him.

We love you Hans! You're going to be a great big brother to your little sister!


Trip Remembered

So I finally got all of the San Diego trip pictures on my computer and edited. It was so much fun going through all of the pictures last night with Tom and telling him all about the trip.
Originally I planned this trip to San Diego just for Hans and me. I wanted to visit some old friends and show Hans around the city where I spent 4+ wonderful years in college. When I was talking to my mom about the trip, we kind of nonchalantly talked about her coming out too (and Hans and I extending our trip). It actually worked out and after a few days staying with friends, my mom flew out and we got to hang out for a few extra days with her at a hotel. It was so much fun extending our stay and hanging out together. We had fun exploring the city, eating great food, swimming, relaxing in the sand, and taking pictures of it all!

Hans and I stayed with my friend Sarah, her husband Mike, and their little girl Poema. Hans and Poema hit off wonderfully!
They would play together very nicely and kept each other entertained. We took them to Point Loma one morning and walked around campus with them.
I miss that view! This is what I got to wake up to every morning and look at on my way to class....sigh...
Of course we had to get a picture of them on the track together because Sarah and I both ran track while at PLNU. And, of course, getting a picture of them together on the track is remotely impossible (two very active toddlers).
Sarah and I go back to freshman year on First South in Nease Hall. So, we also decided to get a little picture in front of our dorm. It was closed because school had been out for about a week already.
We had so much fun catching up and playing with our little kids together. We had a beach day in La Jolla too. Hans and Poema had fun playing in the sand together.
One night, after we put the kids to bed, Mike stayed home and Sarah and I got to go out for dinner. It was so nice to chat and catch up without any interruptions! We went to Islands which was a place we liked to go to in college...pretty much everything we did and everywhere we went held some sort of memory for me.
Hans and I were also very excited to meet up with our friends Ian and Asher (and their mommies too!) at the San Diego Zoo. Ian was born in the same month as Hans and Asher is just a month older. The boys were fast facebook friends as soon as they were newborns. Leanna and Amy are also college friends from plnu!
I was trying to refrain from taking pictures of the animals at the zoo because it is always something I think later, "why did I take so many pictures of these animals?" and end up deleting eventually. I couldn't help it with the hippos though! There was a little baby in there and if you look closely, the mom is pushing the baby hippo around in the water. It's so cute!
The closest the boys got for a picture together without their strollers!

After a few days of hanging out with old friends, we welcomed my mom down to San Diego!
We stayed at a cute hotel on Shelter Island where we were able to do fun things like swim and wake up with really bad hair

There was a small beach by the harbor at our hotel so we always headed there first before going into the pool. I would set Hans down on the beach and he would just sit down right away and get busy playing in the sand.
Our hotel was also within walking distance of a really nice park on the harbor. We took a walk over there and watched the ships along the way.
..and met a new furry friend...
...and a new bronze friend...
He sure loved his new sand toys and didn't want to let go of them, not even for a trip to the park.

One thing I miss about San Diego are the many many many favorite restaurants. There weren't enough days to try out all of the places I missed. But, we did make time for a breakfast stop at Kono's. It's a great bfast joint on the beach and if you visit on the weekends or during the busy breakfast time there is always a line. We decided to go there at about 10am on a Wednesday and there was still a line, but it went fast!
Hans had his way of keeping himself entertained during most of our restaurant visits...
At breakfast one day we gave Hans a lemon to see what sort of faces he would make...and it turns out he liked he and asked for more lemon! silly boy!

We went to Coronado one day and visited the Hotel Del and walked along the beach, grabbed lunch, and stopped into a few shops. It was a beautiful day and the sand was amazing. We would visit Coronado often during college years. I remember studying with friends during finals at my roomate family's condo. Of course, it involved many dips into the pool and time out in the sun....oh those college days were fun!
The flowers were gorgeous everywhere (and I love how you can see Point Loma in the background..)

Another afternoon we went to Old Town and walked around the old shops there. Full of history!
We grabbed some sweet treats at the old fashioned candy shop. We tried their homemade salt water taffy, yum!

We also stopped by Point Loma a couple more times so we could visit the gift store and buy some Point Loma things. Shirts for Hans and family, little toys for Hans, etc. I love alma mater stuff on Hans. After all, he needs to get used to green and gold so he can go to plnu someday =-).
This face is just too cute..
Hans perfecting his perfect golf form (with a stick)
Kind of a random spot in this post, but wanted to show you one of Hans' favorite hang out spots at the hotel...
It was tied with the porch we had and were able to walk to the pool and yard from

Our last breakfast before catching our planes....What a fun trip!! We'll need to get away together again sometime soon!!!... After baby girl arrives... =-)
Good bye San Diego!