Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recipe for Breakfast

First, we start with prayer. We thank Jesus for our family. We ask him for a safe day and that we please Him and we thank him for our food. We also like to throw specific prayer requests in there too but that changes from day to day.

Next, we enjoy our banana, flax seed, and protein powder infused pancakes. Delicious!

I'd like to try a homemade pancake recipe some time. But, for now, Bisquick 'just add water' is quick and easy and when I throw in our extra surprises it makes me feel better about giving it to Hans.

Good Morning!

Friday, July 29, 2011

1st Haircut!

At 18 Months, we finally bit the bullet and took Hans to get his first haircut. Hans' hair, although long, was such a trademark to me. I feel like it became part of his personality. I loved to see it sort of flop around as he ran every where he went. And the little curls around his head were just the best! After 18 months though it was just getting a little too long and a little bit out of control.

Tom was finishing up some work on the lawn that morning and I needed to finish getting ready so I turned on Sesame Street on tv and came out of the bathroom to find Hans like this..remote control and all! I think he knew he was in for a busy day and just wanted to relax ;)

We're heading in!
Waiting so patiently for his turn.

Hans had a lot more fun than most of these photos would lead you to believe. He didn't really want to sit down for the hair cut so he's just sort of whining to get up and move around. The hairstylist worked great with him though and kept moving fast and kept Hans distracted for most of the time. There were also little kid TVs at each station but it didn't keep Hans' attention for very long.
Ahh, I don't want to sit here!
...Wait, do they do nails here too? nevermind..
Ahhh!!....wait...I like this TV and this haircut isn't so bad...
Hans is saying "cheese"..
Mommy and Hans...all done!!
We like a little bit of a longer look on Hans, it just seems to fit his personality more. So, we decided to give it a little bit of a clean up and trim. She also thinned out the hair on top of his head a little bit which should help him keep cool during these hot temps!
Before we left, he got to put his Adventure Pass into this machine to get a prize! He was excited that something came out of the machine but then politely returned the prize before we left ;). Guess he's not too keen on plastic hand clappers that don't really work..who can blame him?

And, as promised, we let Hans play in the fountains before heading home.
He's looking pretty "fly" if you ask me! Still as handsome as ever!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This weekend, Tom invited his mom, my mom, and me to come and play in a Rally for the Cure event at the golf course. We played 18 holes and had such a great time! I haven't played too much golf since Hans was born so I was nervous about playing a full 18 holes but it was a scramble {best ball} so it seemed to go by fast and with the all around beautiful weather and wonderful company, 18 holes flew by!
Everyone had a balloon on their cart. We had a white balloon to signify that my mom is a breast cancer survivor. Go mom!
At 6 months pregnant, I even managed to win a contest! Closest to the pin on #3!
Gotta keep that knee straight! Grr...

And here I am with Baby Girl at 26 Weeks. Feeling Great!!
According to the weekly emails I receive, Baby Girl is about 14 inches {the vegetable equivalent of an English Hothouse Cucumber, if that helps} from head to heel. She is very active and kicking all of the time! Tom and I are preparing for another active child...gotta love it! ; )

Thursday, July 7, 2011


My mom recently found this picture of me taken when I was young up north. This weekend, we snapped this picture of Hans while he was making his very first s'more up at the cabin. It is just a coincidence that we are both carrying graham crackers and when I looked at this photo of Hans I immediately thought of this photo of me.

Dec 31, 2008_2

In this photo, I think Hans and I kind of look alike, don't you? Now, in all honesty, I don't really think Hans looks much like me in real life. I think we have many of the same facial expressions, wavy curls, and hair color (when I was young it was a lighter color) but I think he takes after his cute Daddy and his side of the family. So...when I find pictures like this I get excited because I love to see little bits of me in my little man every once in awhile! ;-)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby #2 Update

I've realized I have never put up a photo of baby #2 bump so I'm posting a photo that was taken two weeks ago at 21 weeks.
I'm now 23 weeks (That's about 5 and half months for those of you that read this blog and aren't too sure about the weeks of pregnancy) and feel like I'm showing even more but I don't have a bump picture to post for a current update. I'll be posting baby girl's growth sporadically here and there because I like to look back on the pictures later on. I've found myself looking back at pictures I posted when I was pregnant with Hans and comparing how I was carrying him vs. baby girl.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Fourth

Hans took a break from the 4th of July festivities to sing "America The Beautiful"
We spent the weekend at the cabin and had a great time. As usual, I don't have all of the photo's I want from the weekend because some are on my mom's camera so I'll just share a few right now.

We took a few boat rides and even went tubing on my parents new tube (very comfortable and fun!). But, pictures of our tube ride are on my mom's camera.

We did a lot of swimming...

We did some throwing...

and we did some fireworks-ing...
Hans really loved those little snap-its that you throw on the ground. Tom bought a few extra so we can enjoy them again at home ;-)

Hans had a fun time playing with his cousins and being o-u-t-s-i-d-e!
My brother bought that big plastic ball that you can get in and roll around in. If you look closely, you can see David peeking out while Hans is mowing.

We had a GREAT 4th of July vacation playing on the lake, hanging out with family, fireworks, and good food. FUN!