Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kid Photos

I've fallen in love again...with taking pictures! Maybe it's the fact that I have a newborn and a newborn remains relatively still. Maybe it's the fact that our big move is over and we're finally settled into our new home. I don't know what it is, but I've gotten the bug again and I like it! I found a cute idea of using chalkboard as a background and put up some chalk-stars for the background. I wanted to use Christmas lights as well but they are all currently in use and it required waaay too much effort to take them down just to use for a photo op. I have a toddler and a newborn, nuff said! ;)

Tom was home for a awhile this afternoon, so before Hans' nap, I begged him to stay awhile and help get the kids dressed so I could take some photos of them.

I like how they turned out! We already have our Christmas cards made up but it'll be nice to get these framed for the Christmas season next year!