Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sew what?

Tom bought a serger for me for Christmas and we were kicking around the idea of keeping it even though we don't have a sewing machine. A lot of items that I like in etsy and around in various stores are often made by just using a serger. However, I barely remembered what I knew about sewing from high school home ec! So, we decided to return the Serger and by a sewing machine instead. By the way, for those of you looking to buy a serger for a good price (they are usually quite spendy), Tom bought ours on black friday for a really good price. Once I get the hang of sewing, we figured we could always purchase a Serger sometime around black friday and hope to get a steal like last time. Also, Tom's mom has a serger and has said we could always swing by if we had a project in mind!

I'm talking about Sewing right now because for the whole month of February, this blog is doing a celebration on making things for BOYS! How awesome is that? There are always soooo many adorable girly things to make and very little patterns or ideas for boy things. I was just browsing her site right now as Hans is fast asleep and I couldn't help but wish he was awake right now so we could jump in the car and head to Jo Anne's. My 40% off coupon is burning a whole in my pocket right about now!!! =-)

I'm seeeewwww making these for Hans this summer

(ok, i'm already getting sick of the play on words "sew" and "so". I'll stop now)

I also love these etsy finds that she posted....

I actually bought a little jacket like that for Hans from a thrift store awhile back... I was going to swtich out the current buttons for some chunkier ones like in this picture. Hoping it will fit for Easter...or a fun summer wedding. The jacket I found is made from cotton but navy blue but should still work for spring/summer. I also think it could be cute with the sleeves rolled up and a collared button up on underneath.

Here is the link for the middle picture. I would also love to do some screen printing on some summer play shirts for Hans. The tutorials are all very thorough and make the project seem do able if you can find all of the materials! Might be nice to make when the weather warms up!

I love love the cap on the right as well. That is something I'm wanting to make Hans. It's very similar to a hat he has now (passed down from his cousin, Ryan..from Hanna Andersson). It is my favorite on him and I'm sad for the day that it will no longer fit him. I think this cap will be a good substitute!

So for all of you mom's out there with boys...go check out this blog, MADE !

Even if you don't sew, they have really cute ideas for other things to make, and she will post many etsy finds on there as well.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects! I love the MADE blog.