Friday, September 3, 2010

Pastry and Standing Around

I'm going to start of today's post with a delicious recipe for pain au chocolate. Hmmm, let me tell you, this is delicious with coffee....or just by itself. It's super easy too! I was able to whip up a batch to send off with Tom as he went on a golf outing up north with a couple of friends.

Because Hans went down for a nap and I'm about to as well, I'm just gonna put the link to the recipe here

With the help of Blue Cotton Memory's step by step instructions with pictures, it sure made this recipe easy peasy.


I just can't end this post without showing off Hans' latest craze. He is working very hard on his standing. He is a determined little boy and loves, loves, loves, to pull himself up to stand on. every. thing. He is practicing hard everyday which has led his mommy and daddy to place bets on when he'll start standing and walking on his own. Anyone else want in on this {friendly} bet??? =-)

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  1. This is definitely one of my very favorite recipes! I made the ganache a few days ago so I could make it when I had a minute. I think when the boys come home from school tomorrow - I'll have some waiting for them fresh out of the oven! Thanks for spotlighting my recipe!