Friday, August 27, 2010

The New Looks

Hans is growing up. There's no doubt about that! These photo's show a couple of ways I'm noticing this change daily.

He loves his sippy cup. He loves to hold it by himself and chew on it. The look of Hans behind a sippy cup like this just pulls on me. He looks like such a big boy and I love it! Of course, I have the my-boy-is growing-up sadness but that just gets eaten up by how cute he is looking when he's "so big!".



They say it's "like taking candy from a baby", meaning, It's Easy. But after you take said "candy" (or toy, or cell phone....) away from baby, you have to deal with this.....


One of the many ways Hans is showing us that he is growing up. He is getting opinions and showing us his wants and displeasure.

We just love it all up though. This boy has got some guts and loves to show his blossoming personality everyday. It helps that the crying lasts all of 7 seconds too! =-)

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