Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sounds of Summer

Ahhh....the sounds of summer. That sweet lullaby sound you hear coming down the street telling all of the neighborhood children to come running out of their houses and backyards to grab their favorite ice cream treat.

Um....I think not....

*Yes, this is an actual photo I took. And yes, this is an ACTUAL ice cream truck.


  1. That brings back memories...sticky memories!

  2. no kidding, haven't I seen this somewhere before? De ja vue!

  3. what are all those stickers on his van? Are they pictures of all the children he's kidnaped?

  4. The last time I ran up to one as a kid, the window was shot out of it (right next to my head) by my neighbor, Kent! I'll admit that I do like that sound... but they are a little bit creepy (esp. that one!).