Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Power of Prayer =)

Every morning my parents wake up and have coffee, devotions, and prayer together. It was such a wonderful memory for me. We would also always pray together before bed, before we headed out on trips together, and I always remember my mom and dad praying for me when they dropped me off at school. Looking back, it was so nice to have these real examples of a praying family. This is something Tom and I have really tried to model in our own family as well. It is important for our children and each other to have that real relationship with the Lord and to live it every day. We struggle with finding time together to do devotions but every night we pray together or remind each other to pray.

Hans was able to have devotions with my parents the past couple of days while we were hiding out in the air conditioning... Here are some pics grandma took!

"Ok, Today we are going to read from the book of Psalms."

"Oh, I just love this verse!"

"Ok, here is the really good part."

"May the Lord bless you all."

Hans and Papa, enjoying their morning...

"Do we look alike?"

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