Friday, August 19, 2011


One man's trash is another man's treasure..

Today, I'm thankful for big brothers and sisters that give us clothes and toys that their kids no longer use. And, I'm thankful for neighbors that give away perfectly good climbing cubes/slides. We've been so blessed with many "treasures"!

Hans is now 19 months old! We've been having a great time together. With trips to the park, playdates with friends, trips to the cabin, and swimming almost every week, Hans has been keeping pretty busy! He's talking more and more and trying to copy almost every word we say.
The other morning when he woke up he said "Daee?" and I said, "Daddy's at work."
Hans replied, "Daee, golf.".
He's so adorable and just loves his Mommy and Daddy!
He loves to play golf, read books, play with his trucks, cars, and fish, and pretty much run all over the place! We love the energy he continues to develop. He is a sweet boy with a kind heart. We love you, Hans, our little Big boy!

Sorry we're lacking in posts lately, we've been too busy soaking up as much summer as we can!

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