Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recipe for Breakfast

First, we start with prayer. We thank Jesus for our family. We ask him for a safe day and that we please Him and we thank him for our food. We also like to throw specific prayer requests in there too but that changes from day to day.

Next, we enjoy our banana, flax seed, and protein powder infused pancakes. Delicious!

I'd like to try a homemade pancake recipe some time. But, for now, Bisquick 'just add water' is quick and easy and when I throw in our extra surprises it makes me feel better about giving it to Hans.

Good Morning!


  1. You're a better mommy than I am...Caleb had McDonalds pancakes with Matt this morning...complete with lots of syrup :)

    Oh...and our prayer requests each day come from Caleb and include "Pa (Grandpa). Ma too. Kitty too." So we end up going through a whole list of people :) Ha!

  2. Don't worry Christa...Hans has had McD's too! I just didn't document it ;) Caleb's prayer requests are too cute!