Friday, July 29, 2011

1st Haircut!

At 18 Months, we finally bit the bullet and took Hans to get his first haircut. Hans' hair, although long, was such a trademark to me. I feel like it became part of his personality. I loved to see it sort of flop around as he ran every where he went. And the little curls around his head were just the best! After 18 months though it was just getting a little too long and a little bit out of control.

Tom was finishing up some work on the lawn that morning and I needed to finish getting ready so I turned on Sesame Street on tv and came out of the bathroom to find Hans like this..remote control and all! I think he knew he was in for a busy day and just wanted to relax ;)

We're heading in!
Waiting so patiently for his turn.

Hans had a lot more fun than most of these photos would lead you to believe. He didn't really want to sit down for the hair cut so he's just sort of whining to get up and move around. The hairstylist worked great with him though and kept moving fast and kept Hans distracted for most of the time. There were also little kid TVs at each station but it didn't keep Hans' attention for very long.
Ahh, I don't want to sit here!
...Wait, do they do nails here too? nevermind..
Ahhh!!....wait...I like this TV and this haircut isn't so bad...
Hans is saying "cheese"..
Mommy and Hans...all done!!
We like a little bit of a longer look on Hans, it just seems to fit his personality more. So, we decided to give it a little bit of a clean up and trim. She also thinned out the hair on top of his head a little bit which should help him keep cool during these hot temps!
Before we left, he got to put his Adventure Pass into this machine to get a prize! He was excited that something came out of the machine but then politely returned the prize before we left ;). Guess he's not too keen on plastic hand clappers that don't really work..who can blame him?

And, as promised, we let Hans play in the fountains before heading home.
He's looking pretty "fly" if you ask me! Still as handsome as ever!!!


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  2. He is so cute, Kate! I saw this link at your mom's facebook! Love it all!
    What a cool place to have the first hair cut! :D

    You have a beautiful family! Can't wait to see this little girl that is coming soon! How many weeks are you right now?

    Blessings from Brazil,