Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trip Remembered

So I finally got all of the San Diego trip pictures on my computer and edited. It was so much fun going through all of the pictures last night with Tom and telling him all about the trip.
Originally I planned this trip to San Diego just for Hans and me. I wanted to visit some old friends and show Hans around the city where I spent 4+ wonderful years in college. When I was talking to my mom about the trip, we kind of nonchalantly talked about her coming out too (and Hans and I extending our trip). It actually worked out and after a few days staying with friends, my mom flew out and we got to hang out for a few extra days with her at a hotel. It was so much fun extending our stay and hanging out together. We had fun exploring the city, eating great food, swimming, relaxing in the sand, and taking pictures of it all!

Hans and I stayed with my friend Sarah, her husband Mike, and their little girl Poema. Hans and Poema hit off wonderfully!
They would play together very nicely and kept each other entertained. We took them to Point Loma one morning and walked around campus with them.
I miss that view! This is what I got to wake up to every morning and look at on my way to class....sigh...
Of course we had to get a picture of them on the track together because Sarah and I both ran track while at PLNU. And, of course, getting a picture of them together on the track is remotely impossible (two very active toddlers).
Sarah and I go back to freshman year on First South in Nease Hall. So, we also decided to get a little picture in front of our dorm. It was closed because school had been out for about a week already.
We had so much fun catching up and playing with our little kids together. We had a beach day in La Jolla too. Hans and Poema had fun playing in the sand together.
One night, after we put the kids to bed, Mike stayed home and Sarah and I got to go out for dinner. It was so nice to chat and catch up without any interruptions! We went to Islands which was a place we liked to go to in college...pretty much everything we did and everywhere we went held some sort of memory for me.
Hans and I were also very excited to meet up with our friends Ian and Asher (and their mommies too!) at the San Diego Zoo. Ian was born in the same month as Hans and Asher is just a month older. The boys were fast facebook friends as soon as they were newborns. Leanna and Amy are also college friends from plnu!
I was trying to refrain from taking pictures of the animals at the zoo because it is always something I think later, "why did I take so many pictures of these animals?" and end up deleting eventually. I couldn't help it with the hippos though! There was a little baby in there and if you look closely, the mom is pushing the baby hippo around in the water. It's so cute!
The closest the boys got for a picture together without their strollers!

After a few days of hanging out with old friends, we welcomed my mom down to San Diego!
We stayed at a cute hotel on Shelter Island where we were able to do fun things like swim and wake up with really bad hair

There was a small beach by the harbor at our hotel so we always headed there first before going into the pool. I would set Hans down on the beach and he would just sit down right away and get busy playing in the sand.
Our hotel was also within walking distance of a really nice park on the harbor. We took a walk over there and watched the ships along the way.
..and met a new furry friend...
...and a new bronze friend...
He sure loved his new sand toys and didn't want to let go of them, not even for a trip to the park.

One thing I miss about San Diego are the many many many favorite restaurants. There weren't enough days to try out all of the places I missed. But, we did make time for a breakfast stop at Kono's. It's a great bfast joint on the beach and if you visit on the weekends or during the busy breakfast time there is always a line. We decided to go there at about 10am on a Wednesday and there was still a line, but it went fast!
Hans had his way of keeping himself entertained during most of our restaurant visits...
At breakfast one day we gave Hans a lemon to see what sort of faces he would make...and it turns out he liked he and asked for more lemon! silly boy!

We went to Coronado one day and visited the Hotel Del and walked along the beach, grabbed lunch, and stopped into a few shops. It was a beautiful day and the sand was amazing. We would visit Coronado often during college years. I remember studying with friends during finals at my roomate family's condo. Of course, it involved many dips into the pool and time out in the sun....oh those college days were fun!
The flowers were gorgeous everywhere (and I love how you can see Point Loma in the background..)

Another afternoon we went to Old Town and walked around the old shops there. Full of history!
We grabbed some sweet treats at the old fashioned candy shop. We tried their homemade salt water taffy, yum!

We also stopped by Point Loma a couple more times so we could visit the gift store and buy some Point Loma things. Shirts for Hans and family, little toys for Hans, etc. I love alma mater stuff on Hans. After all, he needs to get used to green and gold so he can go to plnu someday =-).
This face is just too cute..
Hans perfecting his perfect golf form (with a stick)
Kind of a random spot in this post, but wanted to show you one of Hans' favorite hang out spots at the hotel...
It was tied with the porch we had and were able to walk to the pool and yard from

Our last breakfast before catching our planes....What a fun trip!! We'll need to get away together again sometime soon!!!... After baby girl arrives... =-)
Good bye San Diego!

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