Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photos and Hans

As any new mother can probably attest, photography takes on a new level of passion once you have your special littles in your life. It's been some of my favorite times shared between Hans and me, especially as a stay at home mom. I just love when he wakes up from his nap and the sun is at it's perfect place and we get crazy and silly with photo's. And another thing I love about photos is that I can choose where I point and shoot my camera. Meaning, I can point at my little guy playing with his new hat rather than the multiple piles of laundry that were once folded in a basket and are now strung all over the floor (thanks Hans). Anyway, taking pictures of Hans (among other things) has just been so fun for both Tom and I.
We started playing around with our pictures in photoshop and let me know just tell . Tom is figuring it out like a pro but I'm struggling along. I took some photos of Hans today and just wanted to share a couple of them. I might use some others that I took for either a Christmas card or a birthday card so I won't be showing the best of the best but just a mere sample.
Check out our little bundle of cuteness.....10 months old!!!




  1. little lovie! his hair is getting so long!

  2. He is so super duper cute Katie! Look at those blue eyes! And I love the second one with the wood floor and his white outfit!!