Monday, March 9, 2009

On a walk...

Living in cold north winters: I've noticed my feelings and moods revolve around the weather. While this isn't necessarily a good thing, it happens with me nevertheless. And I've also noticed, even through reading some of my past blogs (and there aren't that many of them), that I talk about the weather quite a bit! I'm going to blame it on February blues- and my anxious heart! = )

Chalk this up for another "weather" thought....We went on our first walk outside since late fall. It was so nice to see the ducks and the open water!! It really felt like a crisp, fresh, spring day! It made me so happy!!!!

We had so much fun!!! Check out the sights...

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  1. Hi Katie! I had to go back and peek at your entire "new" blog. :) Looks great... glad you are actually using this one, ha ha. Take care and enjoy your glimpse of spring up there! Glad it's warming up and making you happy!