Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Project Pinterest"

I'm a total daydreamer.  I could just sit all day long and think about fun things to do, creative things to make, beautiful things to decorate, (dishes to wash, beds to make, laundry to fold, etc) and I'd be good to go.  The problem with all of this is that not a single thing gets done.  Tom is my exact opposite in this area so our relationship works out well together in that he motivates me to do things and get them done and I help Tom...relax and enjoy situations.

Enter... Pinterest .  It's like the world's biggest magazine and it can be...time consuming.  Some days it's a distraction for me and I do it just to relax or other days I will have a specific recipe or project I want to look up (like furniture painting tutorials or room decorating styles, etc).  I started to notice a trend-  I kept pinning things and wasn't following through with doing the projects.

Then I thought of something that motivated me in this area.  I call it "Project Pinterest".  Project Pinterest is simple- Pick ONE project to do a week and do it! Of course, it would be fun to document so I also think it's fun to take pictures of the project but that's not a requirement for me.  If it's a simple recipe or small project I won't be pulling my camera out, but regardless, I'll be completing something creative.  After I complete the project, I've been going back to my pinterest boards and commenting on whether or not it turned out or I liked it, etc.  My goal is to also update on my blog to sort of keep me accountable for getting it done.

I've been doing this for a couple of months now but definitely haven't been on track with my "once a week" goal.  I'll try and do better once I post this ;).

This is a serving tray that I painted from a cheapo ikea serving tray that I bought earlier this summer.  I was inspired by this serving tray on pinterest.  I didn't follow the tutorial because the inspiration tray was porcelain and the tray that I used was kind of wood-cardboard-laminate surface.  I spray painted the edges and handles with a cream colored spray paint and then used chalkboard paint on the tray's surface.

Right now, we're using is as a centerpiece.  I asked Hans for things that he was thankful for and happy about and wrote down his answers while he colored on the other side.  He actually came up with every answer unprompted by me!  That explains the random answer of "turtle" thrown in there!
Anyway, I'm happy with our new tray-repo!  

So, who wants to join me for "Project Pinterest"?  Even if you aren't on pinterest, pick one project or recipe a week and....let's do it!

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