Friday, June 1, 2012

This little girl

7 months....7 months!!  No, I'm not referring to the last time that I've updated the blog (I don't think it's been quite that long.  I'm referring to my little girl.  Remember my little newborn baby girl?  Yeah, she is older now and getting more and more adorable by the minute.

She still loves her big brother and we're still getting tons of smiles from her.  She has also been working on screaming at the top of her lungs using her voice.  It's frightening and lovely all at the same time.

 Caroline is cruising all over the place.  With the combination or rolling, scooting, and army crawling, we definitely need to keep an eye on her!  Hans is very good at making sure she only plays with baby toys.  I frequently hear him say "No, Kiki" and then it's quickly followed with "Here you go, Kiki" as he quickly finds a baby toy to put in front of her.  He really is so sweet with his baby sister.  I think he loves the fact that mommy says she is still too little to play with his toy cars.  When she is making a bee line for his stuff he frantically sweeps everything into the corner and tries to block her off from his things.  It's adorable and hilarious.

I was able to fit in a little "7 month" photo shoot with her in this adorable vintage high chair we found.  It was a warm day so she was just chilling in a diaper cover and a bow I made for her hair (of course, mommy has a matching one too!)

 Smiles all of the time!

Here she is wearing a dress from my grandma (her namesake, Carol) when she was a little girl.

We love you sweet Caroline!

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  1. Adorable pictures!!! I love it!!! So, Caleb does the same thing with his toys...I always hear, "Immi, that's not for babies!" or "Don't choke on that, Immi!" as he pulls his things away from her even if they aren't things she could choke on! Oh, older brothers!!!! :)