Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daughters, Love, and other stuff

I recently pinned a pin on pinterest (say that three times fast). It was a quote, "The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother". I love it. And, it's got me thinking about the daughter we have in our home.
One precious little girl we've been given. I'm so excited to have this little girl in our lives. Not just because she is already my little companion. Or that we all think she is the sweetest thing around town.

I'm most excited to see how the boys in her life already cherish her so much....

Now, I'm not naive enough to think that siblings won't be siblings. Oh, I know we'll have our fair share of "I had this first" or "Stop copying me"...but I can see how this little girl is wrapping her Daddy and her brother around her little finger.
Hans picked out a sticker for her after she had her 2 month appt. and shots last month. When we got home, he ran over so he could put her sticker on

And I'm excited to witness her relationship with her Daddy.


A friend on facebook posted an article called, "50 Rules for Dads and Daughters" is so sweet and touching. I can't wait to watch Tom and Caroline interact like that together. Right now, she is just soaking up the cuddles and kisses from her Daddy, but I know their relationship will continue to grow and blossom and Tom will help shape her character and will help influence the choices she makes as a grown up.

I think I get so excited for Caroline to have this relationship with Tom because of the impact my Dad had on my life and my choices. My parents marriage is one built on faith and their relationship with Christ. Starting off each day with devotions, they pray together for their kids (and grandkids).
Growing up, when my dad would drop us off at school he would pray with us before we got out of the car.
And when I was away at college, I received a letter each week with a $2 bill from my dad.
When a college boyfriend broke up with me a few days before Valentines Day, my dad flew out and brought me flowers with a note saying "I treasure you. I love you. Love, Dad". You think that had an impact on me? Yep! I still have the note, in my night stand drawer.

And look who I chose to marry? An amazing man who loves me and treats me like gold. A man that is the best father to his kids. He loves the Lord and you can see it in how he lives his life. He loves us and shows us everyday.
The quote definitely started me thinking and I could write around in circles all day long so I'll stop now. Check out the article if you have time... Very fitting around valentine's day too!

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  1. You are one of our "blessings" and always will be!