Monday, February 2, 2009

Thinking about Valentines Day...

It has been a tradition in my family to have a Valentine's breakfast the morning of Valentine's Day. I remember looking forward to this so much! It was always so special! My mom would get out her best dishes and my FAV red goblets with valentine treats sprinkled everywhere. I even remember some of our food being dyed red!
Last year was my first year celebrating Valentines Day MARRIED. My cooking wasn't really the greatest so I'm determined to make up for it this year! I want my family to look forward to Valentine's Day Breakfast as much as I did.
My February issue of Better Homes and Gardens came a week ago so I've been pouring over the pages looking for some good ideas... Anything from table decorations to sweet treat recipes. Here are some images I found from Real Simple to encourage my vday-breakfast&treat-making skills...

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  1. If you wake up and see me instead of Tom, the pictures in your blog will explain why. See you at your place on V-day morning!